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Anna [userpic]


September 20th, 2008 (12:57 pm)

where am I: Nevereverland
I feel: depressed
I hear: No Surprises-Radiohead

Years and years... I know.
But you see I was writing with the old classic way... handwriting. Or at least I tried... still try!
Well the news... summer is gone! But before that our play had success, that period was creative and wild and lively and now it's a nice memory... well I hope to be in the drama team this year as well. Hope to because I also have to finish my pregrad studies here and start thinking my postgrad studies. Time will show.

Summer: I was a leaf in the wind. I was here and there, travelled in many places South Peloponnese, Thessalia, Cyclades and farther Berlin. Friends and family, happy days, eventfull birthdays and those days are also a nice memory.

I am trying to remember those days in details and get happy with the memory of them. Nowadays I am stressed. A lot of studing and my good friends are far and nervous with their studies as well.

Oh dear I wrote all these with a hangover... I think I need to sleep now a bit!

Goodnight and Good Luck

~just Anna

Anna [userpic]

The imaginary wave

April 22nd, 2008 (01:49 am)

where am I: Neverland
I feel: creative
I hear: Sur le fil

 Yo ho mates.
I have a farytale for you this time.

Once upon a time in this place or another, there was a wave that used to travel all over the world. It had seen all the seas and oceans and had met many passengers and seen many countries. It had been in the Red Sea and lived there with the corals and the winds that brought dust from the desert. It had traveled with the dolphins in the Adriatic Sea and had heard the songs of the Black Sea.It met ships bigger and smaller, faster and slower.
 The wave was traveling with all its speed from ocean to sea and back but it always used to stay longer in the Caribbean Sea. The stories and their legends that lived there, the light blue green waters and the fair storms was all the wave loved most.
One sunny day the wave asked the ocean:

"You, who are bigger than land and wiser than life, tell me where do the water end?"

But the ocean, bigger than land and wiser than life, remained silent.
The wave could not stop thinking of its own question and could not stop searching for an answer. But the ocean was silent...

So this is my begining of my farytale... well nothing great, just thoughts and words.
Nothing is decided.

In two days time I'll be traveling with my own wave to Kalymnos. The feeling is wonderful.

That's all falks.

Goodnight and good Luck

Anne Bonny

Anna [userpic]

Long terms

April 9th, 2008 (02:44 pm)

where am I: Neverland
I feel: chipper
I hear: Cat Power

Yo ho.
It's been a long time since I last wrote a sentence in this Journal. I am sorry 'bout that. You see, my free time has come to limits. I hardly have time to do anything.
The days of theater are full and our rehearsals are many as we reach the date of the premiere show.
Too much pressure and stress, I don't sleep well nor eat well... but I feel well.. that's strange!
As you might have noticed I haven't post an icon entrance for long. Reason is I work a lot with the laptop which has no Photoshop. And there's no time...

In two weeks we make a big brake for Easter vacation. I'll be in Kalymnos, a greek island northeast. I long for these days so much!

I hope to write more often my adventures but I can't promise it.

That's all folks.
Goodnight and goodluck


Anna [userpic]

I am still alive!

February 21st, 2008 (09:26 pm)

where am I: Neverland
I feel: high
I hear: Tom Waits

My fault I know!
Well, my news...:
1st: We found the play. "The good person from Se Zuan" by Brecht. Only problem now is to find a theater. This part is quite hard. Prices are high and our team has few money. We are a poor lonely drama team! Rehearsals are exhausting but we are very exited and we love what we are doing.
2nd: My presentation was rather adventurus! My co-student left our project one day before the presentation. I wanted to struggle him... or worse to castrate him. But I made it all by me onsies and I managed to present one of the best projects. Even my prof. was proud of me! Thank goodness.
3rd: I haven't seen my home for dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyys! I mean maaaaany days! We are making trips all the time, I stay at homes of friends they are staying at mine and I am one step before I start a relationship with a certain someone.

Life is wonderful!

P.s where have all the great authors and authoresses gone?! I haven't read one new updated pirate fic for dayss!!!

Anna [userpic]

We fligh in Never Ever Land

December 25th, 2007 (07:29 pm)

where am I: Neverland
I feel: excited
I hear: Rene Aubry

Hey my dears.... I wish a very merry Christmas and a crappy new year... kidding for the last one.
Life in Neverland is crazier than ever. I leave in two days for the deserts of Egypt and I haven't prepared not even a single handbag... that's fun!

I am rather excited...very... veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! 

I am also very angry with my co-student with whom I am to do the presentation with because he hasn't done much and we are running out of time and each time I tell him to run the project a bit faster he says that I should not get stressed over the project because we have plenty of time..... and God I want to kill him so very desperately! Struggle him that is! But I won't get stressed, I'll prepare my part, present it properly and he can die a slow death, I really don't care anymore. My friend sais that my co-student has a crush on me... still he can die! 

Anyways... this period I feel good... really good! I am flirting with a very nice young man....younger than me but that's heaven. I am also taking my revenge upon my almost-ex-boyfriend and I keep my life with my own hands, not waiting others to ask me for things nor wanting others to ask me things. A bit egotistical maybe but I have to be from time to time.

I've read 3 theatrical plays within 1 day upon our director's request and yet I can't find one that was good enough. I liked "the Blood Wedding" but there are few characters. 

So, these are my news... drop by and say hi, I'd be very happy to hear news from around your world!

Goodnight and good luck

Sorry, I don't post icons, but I work in two pc and I am a bit confused!

Anna [userpic]


December 17th, 2007 (10:55 pm)

where am I: Neverland
I feel: predatory
I hear: Rene Aubry

Hey again! Once agin long time no see! 
Yesterday I was in a friend's wedding.... my friends are getting married as of late... that's disturbing. But nice nevertheless.

Christmass are getting closer and closer and I can't wait till vacations start. I'll be in the desert for New Year's Eve. Niccccce!

Theater is great as always. Our relationships are getting complexed in a good way and human contact has an entirely new meaning for me. The team works like a drug for me, once you taste them you can't stop it.

And my presentation got moved for January... which is good for I have time to fix some details, change words, find better pictures etc

That's all folks...I am waiting also for Sweeney Todd to be releashed here as well..!

Goodnight and good luck

PS sorry for the lack of icons... it will take me some time

Anna [userpic]

"I met once a lake that wished to be a sea"

November 29th, 2007 (12:03 am)

where am I: Neverland
I feel: guilty
I hear: As time goes by- play it Sam

Long time no see! My fault. Well, after a long time I managed to save money and buy ...a...LAPTOP! Yey! I got a moving PC and it's a good one and funny one! Only problem... it has Windows Vista! Alas Vista are rather harsh with nasty copied programms! Damn it. Anyway, food thing is that the old PC works still so I can work there as well with programms like Photoshop etc.

Non technological news. Life sucks! Just when you think it flows far too boringly there's a turn of events and everything goes mad! My presentation is getting closer and I am stressed! This is my very first presentation ever and I don't feel good! I am terrified! Good gods! I have a second life within the library of the Archeological Institute. I think they might give me a personal bed so I won't have to leave at 20:00 when they close!

The drama team is getting more and more interesting. I came to realise what a small team of friends is. Something happens and everyone knows about it within seconds. We still have no play though we have in mind "The good man of Setsuan" by Brecht and Lorca's "Blood Wedding". We 've started working on improvisations and improving movment. Great things!

Other than my crazy life and crazy world...nope, nothing. I am waiting for the releashe of PotC3 DVD and Sweeney Todd film in theaters.
Be good and say hi.
I may post some icons... somewhen... I just got new caps and I am paniced!

Goodnight and good Luck

I am going to use this nick from now on as I own the first name and I wish I could have the second one along with her history!

Anna [userpic]


November 15th, 2007 (08:26 pm)

where am I: Neverland
I feel: rejuvenated
I hear: Persepolis soundtrack

My PC is back home quite alive. Though I keep my back clear for you never can tell when technology will decide to die for good! So, three weeks till presentation and I have to recover lost files, rewrite lost documents and rescan lost pictures! Thankfully my co-student has a PC which is actually working and we have made some progress. 
So Miletus is a rather difficult subject archeologically as the bibliography is in German and my German are .....no comments! But my very good co-student is half German and I love him already! I'll make him a HUGE-ish cake to thank him! 

Theater is in good way though we still haven't decided upon the play. Brecht is in our director's mind and she likes the idea a lot. We'll see!

Komotini was very nice last week, though the weather was more than freezing! I visited the museum which I had never visited before. It was quite interesting, many beautiful statues and founds. Small and cosi.

This week starts in Salonika the 48th International Film Festival but unfortunatelly I won't be there. My weeks of trips are gone for with great presentations comes great respossibility! Damned project!

My Photoshop is working as well though I have to find lost brushes and textures which is a rather boring procedure. Anyway, these are my news. I've been out of buisness for some time but now I am back! Beware! And keep again that weather eye on the horicon (horizon)

Goodnight and Good Luck

Anna [userpic]

How many breakdowns can a man survive?!

November 4th, 2007 (02:23 am)
where am I: Neverland, pure Neverland
I hear: Alcobe Azul

I have this strange feeling that every 2nd of the month something dies in this house! Last month it was my cat. Yesterday... it was my PC and this time it seems to be official!
I am trying... really tying not to panic...yet! As it is I have to deliver a project and make a presentation within this month and I don't have PC! 
I think I am panicking as I am writing the sentence! Just when I got back my baby Photoshop my PC just passed away! That's not fair! Not fair at all! Bugger, bugger, bugger!
So as a symptom of panic I am leaving tomorrow for the North cities of this country hoping to find some peace and create a nice idea about what am I going to do without technology. Can I live without it... unlikely! 
So back to absence of icons for the coming weeks... maybe months! Which means my icons are collector's edition... for the time being ;P

That's all folks. I am going to pack my things!
Goodnight and good luck (Luck= seems to be absent in my entire life these days!)


Anna [userpic]

Icons again!

October 31st, 2007 (04:28 pm)

where am I: Neverland
I feel: cheerful
I hear: Comptine d'un autre ete

It's about time to post the icons I've promised though I didn't got any help in my request. Well let's face it Carlos D'Alessio is not famous! 
Well, jump in and enjoy my icons....
Read the CODE and KEEP TO IT!

Goodnight and good luck

Anna [userpic]

HELP entry

October 30th, 2007 (12:15 am)

where am I: Neverland
I feel: naughty
I hear: the waltz

 Hey, hey!
My eyes hurt... I've spent many hours making icons in PS... (my baby is alive!!!). I'll have to post them... eventually!
So beware of my updates... they may hide locked chests!

But ... if you want icons to be the next post I need your help! I need a music sheet or a nice recording of the title song from Jean-Pierre Jeunet 's (Amelie) short film "Foutaises". It's a very beautiful waltz for piano composed by Carlos D'Alessio which I am desperately trying to find. So if anyone has the sheet or a good recording of the waltz I'd be obliged and greatful.

If you want to watch the short (5' min) it's in youtube. I don't remember the url but you can search it by title or director.

P.S The more you help the more icons I'll post... it's only fair and square luvs!

Goodnight and good luck.


Anna [userpic]

Always look at the bright side of life

October 26th, 2007 (11:59 pm)

where am I: Neverland
I feel: energetic
I hear: Persepolis Soundtrack

Woohoooo my PC is alive!!!! Well... almost. I managed to AT LAST run Adobe Photoshop CS and though it is slow as hell it works!!! That was heaven! I managed to even make a Sweeney Todd icon! Which means that I am back in icon factory. Though with very slow steps, but who cares, my Adobe works again. Oh goody. So I am right after downloading a lot of lost stuff as brushes, textures and fonts all over again. I've been out of this for quite some time now and I feel so rusty! 
The working Adobe will be a bless also for my papper work I have to write. I had so many pictures needing editing I thought I would be destroyed without a programme. Now I can sleep a bit better at nights... ok that was overreacting but nevermind.
So, in time, start keeping a weather eye on the horizon.

Goodnight and Good Luck!

Anna [userpic]


October 25th, 2007 (11:34 pm)

where am I: Neverland
I feel: quixotic
I hear: Yann Tiersen

Hey... I got lost again. I am affraid I will do that more often from now on. It seems that time is upon me and quite literally I am running to from place to place trying to do things. 
Today I picked the project I'll work upon and my official school practise. The subject is "The ancient stoae in Miletus". I'll be co-working with another student and it will be a rather difficult subject as we found only two books in bibliography. So Miletus here I come. 

In the same time I will be working with the drama school and as it is our good directer wants me to act... which means I'll be on stage. Which means farthermore that I will have to learn my lines! It seems it's time to come over my phobias and conquer the stage!
...come what may.

And here comes the last but not least news of all. We are going to travel to Egypt...again.... !!! This time we shall visit the last part of Egypt which contains the western Oases. This is an amazing journey in which you come to explore the nature of desert and the very natives of small villages and oases. We plan to spend there our Christmass vacations. Imagine that... "New Year's Eve in the desert" . Sounds good to me.

So things seem just a little better from this point of view. I think I feel a bit better after a long time of bad situations. I burried my cat and grieved and now it's time for recollection. I stopped flirting with a man who didn't know if he wanted to flirt with me or not after six months of trying. And now it's time to see around again and realise... "Good God why did it took me so long! There are better men in this world and I was strugling over him???!!!". And for the end I am getting back my childhood making new friends who know how to get you back in those years. The drama team provides them! 
So here I am, holding my sword again, ready to fight either monsters or windmills! 
Save your breath dear Pancho, I know the beast is there tooth and nail and so am I.

And we are still looing for a play....!

Goodnight and good luck!

Anna [userpic]

Autumn in Neverland

October 16th, 2007 (12:38 am)

where am I: Neverland
I feel: geeky
I hear: Valse d'Ameli

Lost in Neverland again looking for the exit, yet always forgetting where it was or if there even was an exit in Neverland. Truth be told, there was never an exit in Neverland to begin with. So, I am just speaking and mostly thinking cyrcles.

I passed Prehistoric Archeology III. Course quite tough with a professor rather boring. I'm very happy with meself. Content that is.

Drama team is good! We are looking for a play with at least 15 characters. Shakespear is the easy way but we'd rather some one else. Any good ideas are always helpful.
We learned improvisation this week and we are working with movment a lot. And we hug a lot... that was really nice. You are put in a place where you have to hug some one you don't know at all. And you just do it and feel so free. I've always been having this problem with people on how to touch them. I've been shy and rather tight. And this exercise untied me. Even hugging is liberating in this high art. 

That's all for the night folks. Nothing too new, nothing too old.
Goodnight and good luck

Anna [userpic]

The in-between dinstance

October 9th, 2007 (11:59 pm)

where am I: Neverland
I feel: drained
I hear: Comptine d'un autre ete

Time is the cruelest sence of all. It shows no mercy, it has no feeling, it has no presense. It's just there. 
These days I seem not to mind time, I've forgotten it, I'm hidden again in my Neverland denying to get out of my castle. And what a castle am I hidden in. It has the strongest walls and it's a fortress nigh impenetrable. Nigh.

A week past since my cat left me for the ham and pillow catheaven and I still can't get used to his loss. I hear a sound a turn expecting to see him in the corner. I play piano and I have this sence that I heard him meowing. It's hard to loose part of your childhood, you're clinging to it with every desperate breath you have and you just don't let it go, for if you let it, it won't come back again. Sometimes I cry in the middle of the night and then I scold myself for being silly.

... cruel time will heal the wounds... or so I hope.

The rest of my life is just flowing like a wild river... if there ever was a wild one. Theater is now a fact in my life and I discovered that I can act!!! Well that was something new. I was considering myself to be a very bad actress but as it is I am better than I was giving me credit for. Or that's what director says. So, these days we are in search of a good play with at least 15 characters! I've been lost in libraries looking for plays old and new. Even this side of theater is liberating. Theater is very close to my view of freedom... and very few things are freedom for me. I am happy with it.

Exam period ends (AT LAST!!!) the next week. So I am hoping to go a small trip to my buddyfriend in North land. I need her company more than anything and her home is like home for me as well. She is my little-since-6 months-old-friend and she is quite unique. I don't remember many people from my days when I was 6 months!

That's all folks! Keep in touch....

Goodnight and good luck

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