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Memories of a lunatic

Once upon a time

1 August 1985
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A lot of thanks to wapiti_baris for the lovely mood theme from Pirates of the Caribbean
And to http://pfefferminzchen.deviantart.com and http://ocd1c-stock.deviantart.com for the pic and background in my layout

This time of year has come and I have to update my profile!
So... I am still a student in University of Athens (Art History & Archaeology) where I also live (Athens of Greece that is).
Free time is filled with music, cinema, fencing, photography, thearter, expessive dance and travelling. (...whenever there are money for if there's no money... no honey!)
I still have a Muse hiden in a secret chest and keep the key in my person. She is locked now preparing her great entrance!
I'm 21... but I act as if I were 12! And I think I have that crisis that I will never be a teenager again.... OH DEAR!
My Journal is filled with crazy entries that don't make any sence! You'll find icons in there! Go get them mates!
That's it folks! If you want to know more about me knock on my door.
Goodnight and good Luck!

~Vis Venti

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